Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a quarter there (bottle message twenty seven)

dear my beloved one,

today was our three month anniversary. and boy time has flown on by. to be honest, i forgot what today was. its been nice having our time together. learning to live in a limbo state. but most important is falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you. i got to see my gparents this weekend and go flee market shopping at trade days in fredricksburg. i got some sweet dishes and glasses for our kitchen whenever we move in together.

you lost your favorite beanie, the one i got you sometime this past winter. you weren't too happy with yourself. but hey, you had a good time out with the boys feeling young again. :)

SOV at Times Square

i loved waking up with you today. seeing you smile and kissing me was the highlight of my day. today you are in new york city to see atlantic records. from what i hear you did quite well (which i already knew you would) and you've been smitten by the city lights. i hope tonight's sleep finds you well. i pray you have sweet dreams and safe travels tomorrow. and as always i cannot wait to see you. the more apart we are, the more i miss you. and i cherish all the time we have together. 

te amo my love.

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