Monday, May 2, 2011

fun in the heat (bottle message twenty two)

dear my beloved one,

today is a very cold day even though its may. we have learned to embrace the randomness of texas weather, even though we both know next year come tree pollen season, we will be far far away from austin. you have far surpassed my imagination with you love and patience. in fact it shocks me still today. you have a gift of unconditional love and i am trying my best to be better for you.

this past weekend was full of fun. it started on thursday with me going out and trying on dresses with the girls (don't mind my facial expressions). your brother came into town from brasil on friday. we saw awolnation at la zona rosa and danced the night away.

saturday we had a brasillian cookout with some close family friends. sunday was hot and busy with last minute errands, taking tigo to the airport, and driving to san antonio to celebrate sam and haven's marriage. in the car ride you played guitar and we sang 'i will be here' by steven curtis chapman because we didnt know if we had to sing at the reception. we didnt end up singing, but it was fun learning a song with you.

my love i don't know how to express how much i love you and am so grateful for you and your kindness and care. you have shown my love far beyond any human. i cannot wait to celebrate more milestones with you

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