Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back in the swing of things (bottle message twenty one)

dear my beloved one,

my oh my how time flies. its almost may and the summer heat is upon us. getting up for work has been particularly tough for me since i really highly dislike my job. but you encourage me every morning and send me off with a kiss and somehow i make it through the day. 

today we both got back in the regime of working out. and Lord knows we need it :). i love your enthusiasm for being active and little do you know thats extremely encouraging. for the first time since october i went to black swan (sweaty) yoga which is conveniently located near your apartment. perfect. i will say it was a tough class, but i am excited to go back each week and get my butt kicked. 

side note, on the way to yoga the Lord painted a beautiful sunset. reminded me of just how wonderful our Creator is and how majestic He is. 

you are out watching a hockey game and enjoying the lovely weather outside. i wish you well my love. as you try and coax me to come out and watch the game after i've sweated for an ungodly hour. i'll just let you miss me for a little while longer. 

te amo my love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

noah's ark (bottle message twenty)

dear my beloved one,

the past few days have been rough, but that's not to say alot of learning has taken place, mainly on my end. so to start i want to say how grateful i am to the Lord for bringing such a wonderful man into my life. to teach me and granted so much patience.

last night before i fell asleep, you told me the story of the three sons of noah, noah's ark, and the descendants that came forth. i learned many new things about the Bible and God. i loved hearing you talk about God and how He told noah exactly how to build the ark, down to the last window. i love how you only read the Bible in the king james version, and you think every other version is much harder to understand. i asked you on the way out to brenham if we could start nightly or semi-nightly bible story times, and you got excited about sharing some stories in the Bible i never would have known. i cannot wait to learn from you.

btw this is what bluebonnets look like :)

today we spent a wonderful day out in the bluebonnet-less bluebonnet country of brenham texas. home to blue bell ice cream. today we discovered we love the newest flavor, homemade in the shade, and your obsession with insane hats/antique shops. i loved watching you interact with my family, watching them laugh and listen to you. 

and tonight, i lay awake praying for you. for our marriage to be three part, with God as the center. that He may bring peace and love and forgiveness to our hearts. and that you will always know i love you and care for you deeply. 

te amo my love. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my how time flies (bottle message nineteen)

dear my beloved one,

time has flown this past month. a very successful sxsw, although there is always more work to be done. immediately following sxsw you developed a horrible allergy to tree pollen. the whole sickness and in health vow really came in handy. you stayed at my place because you couldn't breathe at yours (partially due to the australians) and you fell in love with her charm. you 'fixed' the door knob in the bathroom, tidied up the room, worked hard at the computer, and took a ton of medication.

i loved coming home to you,
being able to sit on the front porch and eat a home cooked meal,
falling asleep in a comfy bed in your arms,
trying all sorts of vitamin/medication mixes to allow you to breathe,
taking marriage walks with you to the grocery mart,
watching you sleep peacefully as i leave for work.
its the little things in life that i love about you.

alas we have moved back into limbo stage,
some nights at your place, some nights at mine,
but overall i dont care where we are,
as long as i fall asleep in your arms,
and wake up next to your smiling face.

last night you told me you saw the most beautiful thing. when i asked what it was, you said, "leaves".

my love i cannot express how lucky i am to have you. to learn from you, listen to you, be with you. you leave a permentant smile on my heart.

te amo my love.

pure bliss (bottle message eighteen)

dear my beloved one,

it has been two weeks since we've wed.. pure bliss. i don't think we've settled into "married life" quite yet, but with the hustle and bustle of sxsw, we have spent the least amount of time together. which makes me remember just how precious each moment we spend with each other is.

today sxsw officially starts, as does show one of seven for you. i pray you are welcomes with open ears, eyes, arms, and hearts with your music. i pray that there will be kindness in everyone's hearts as they drive through the mayhem this week in austin.

te amo my love.

the longest four days ever (bottle message seventeen)

dear my beloved one,

the past four days have been a crazy hectic time in which i have no idea how we got any amount of rest. of course the length and stress of these days has been due in part to me and in part to you.

thursday i dare say i ran out of gas. on mopac. in the middle lane. with a dead cell phone. right after the river. in the midst of rush hour. and i dare say again i had an epiphany on saturday that i was wearing the same exact dress i wore when i got in my first wreck at last years sxsw. and not only was a wearing the same dress, it was the first time since i got in my wreck i had worn the dress. needless to say, you told me to get rid of it lol. i probably caused a traffic jam of this size. i wouldn't be surprised.

friday was not too bad. i came home from work. straightened your hair. you drank endless amounts of tea since you had no voice. i told you alcohol and the cold weather don't mix with your brasillian blood, but you still managed to have some voice for your show in san antonio. the first show i have not gone too since we've met. instead i spent the evening with sarah and took her out for her birthday. and we watched glee. what a glorious time it was.

saturday morning was super stressful as your sense of time is much your own and not as americanized as mine is. i am punctual. you are not. i plan. you do not. and yet i still love you even when we get frustrated. you sort of have a lag in the frustration department. but alas we still made it out to see the venue where we will be wed on february twenty fifth, two-thousand and twelve. and i am so glad to be with you my love. moving to the evening we spent a delicious time at our new favorite brasillain food place (not that we had an old one)... we reminisced on pao de queijo and guarana. you introduced me to your favorite brasillian drink, caipirinha, and we both agreed we should have it at our wedding. maybe not a peace bowl size of it though.

sunday was another learning experience for me. i realize now how much i will learn about myself with you. i am blessed to be with you. to have you in my life. to marry you in a few short days. i am bound to mess up, but you are very patient. i pray for patience.

te amo my love.