Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back in the swing of things (bottle message twenty one)

dear my beloved one,

my oh my how time flies. its almost may and the summer heat is upon us. getting up for work has been particularly tough for me since i really highly dislike my job. but you encourage me every morning and send me off with a kiss and somehow i make it through the day. 

today we both got back in the regime of working out. and Lord knows we need it :). i love your enthusiasm for being active and little do you know thats extremely encouraging. for the first time since october i went to black swan (sweaty) yoga which is conveniently located near your apartment. perfect. i will say it was a tough class, but i am excited to go back each week and get my butt kicked. 

side note, on the way to yoga the Lord painted a beautiful sunset. reminded me of just how wonderful our Creator is and how majestic He is. 

you are out watching a hockey game and enjoying the lovely weather outside. i wish you well my love. as you try and coax me to come out and watch the game after i've sweated for an ungodly hour. i'll just let you miss me for a little while longer. 

te amo my love.

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