Friday, December 31, 2010

the ending of a decade (bottle message eight)

dear my beloved one,

it is now the last day of the year twenty ten. and also the last day of the decade. the first decade of the new millennium. what a difference a year makes, let alone a decade. as i sit here working my big girl job to pay my big girl bills with my big girl shopping habits, i digress to ponder the wonderful passings in my life.

seasons have changed,
people have come and gone,
places and memories fade off in my mind,
like the shoreline of the sea,
yet still i am here,
a reminder that the Lord loves all His children,
and grants us the peace to live another day.

i am forever grateful for the love of the Father. how much He has shown me over this past year. the year twenty ten marked an ending and a beginning for me. an end to my former self patterns of destruction and pain. a beginning of love and grace only He could give.

so today i am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me, the friends i have made for a lifetime, and the love i get from the Father to share to the world.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a new beginning (treasure chest two)

dear my beloved one,

i found this poem i had written a while back in an old sprial. i thought i'd share it with you. just think of a poem as a little treasure from me to you.

"i've got a feelin' i've been denying for most of my life,
how i feel when You grant me grace.

it's not about the words on a page
or the story in a book,
it's about how You loved me unconditionally.

You gave me life, again & again;
i am a new light in Your eyes,
no one can deny the Spirit inside.

You have captivated me
like waves in the sea.
You will continue to amaze me."
- September 5, 2010 -

creeper and clarity (bottle message seven)

dear my beloved one,

happy december! and what a wonderful way to kick off the last month of twenty ten... by waking up at the crack of dawn (five am) and hitting the gym. although i feel more awake, my eyes still have a thin film over them i think and my glasses are useless. perhaps my eyes are just getting worse by the minute, which in that case would be very bad for the both of us.

the past few days have been a whirlwind of learning i.e. clarity and a little creeper i.e. man who steals possessions at laundry mats.

my lack of clarity in the visual sense does not coincide with my gain of clarity in both my heart and my head. there are details i will not discuss, but my heart has been both saddened and joyed all in one fail swoop. granted, i firmly believe in the power of love and grace the Father gives me and i should enjoy every moment i am with Him.

so i have a bible verse for you today:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7
the Lord is ever promising, and those promises do not fall short when it comes to you. i have prayed and continue to pray for you, my beloved, that you will seek the Father and love Him and He loves us.

alas, i want to tell you about the rest of my week! the roomies and i have begun our christmas decorations, which are still in progress due to finals and my lack of attention span. but we will have all the festive items up and ready for our tacky christmas sweater party next weekend. there will definitely be some pictures posted for sure. i stopped by savers on the way home yesterday and got some decorations for a little surprise we're having at the party (hint hint: white sheet).

yesterday was lovely with the exception of work lasting an extra hour, but that was expected. kaki is now obsessed with gilmore girls, thanks to emily, and since em has all seven season, i think this christmas will be filled watching all seven of them. :)

speaking of creeper.... after i had relaxed for the evening catching up on glee! (sue sylvester is somewhat of my t.v. hero), i braved the ridiculously cold weather and hopped on over to the laundry mat. since i have a trained eye, i noticed a creeper about the time my clothes hit the dryer. he seriously kept staring at my purse and phone as they rested by side me. i minded my work (reading the history of redemption) but then realized i should pack up and get the hell outta dodge. so i did. and then come to find out, he stole a girls wallet and phone. needless to say, creeper. he probably stole my bike to. haters.

i digress. there is still alot to come about my life here in austin, tx and i am so happy to share it with you. i can't wait to meet you.