Friday, December 31, 2010

the ending of a decade (bottle message eight)

dear my beloved one,

it is now the last day of the year twenty ten. and also the last day of the decade. the first decade of the new millennium. what a difference a year makes, let alone a decade. as i sit here working my big girl job to pay my big girl bills with my big girl shopping habits, i digress to ponder the wonderful passings in my life.

seasons have changed,
people have come and gone,
places and memories fade off in my mind,
like the shoreline of the sea,
yet still i am here,
a reminder that the Lord loves all His children,
and grants us the peace to live another day.

i am forever grateful for the love of the Father. how much He has shown me over this past year. the year twenty ten marked an ending and a beginning for me. an end to my former self patterns of destruction and pain. a beginning of love and grace only He could give.

so today i am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me, the friends i have made for a lifetime, and the love i get from the Father to share to the world.

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