Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a quarter there (bottle message twenty seven)

dear my beloved one,

today was our three month anniversary. and boy time has flown on by. to be honest, i forgot what today was. its been nice having our time together. learning to live in a limbo state. but most important is falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you. i got to see my gparents this weekend and go flee market shopping at trade days in fredricksburg. i got some sweet dishes and glasses for our kitchen whenever we move in together.

you lost your favorite beanie, the one i got you sometime this past winter. you weren't too happy with yourself. but hey, you had a good time out with the boys feeling young again. :)

SOV at Times Square

i loved waking up with you today. seeing you smile and kissing me was the highlight of my day. today you are in new york city to see atlantic records. from what i hear you did quite well (which i already knew you would) and you've been smitten by the city lights. i hope tonight's sleep finds you well. i pray you have sweet dreams and safe travels tomorrow. and as always i cannot wait to see you. the more apart we are, the more i miss you. and i cherish all the time we have together. 

te amo my love.

Monday, May 16, 2011

an all day affair (bottle message twenty six)

 dear my beloved one,

this weekend was relaxing, intense, lovely, and learning. we spent time renting movies, watching movie, eating in and eating out, not to mention a double feature on sunday. i ran town lake from your place to i35 and back on my one year anniversary of graduating college. we celebrated six months of dating on sunday (which happens to be my favorite day) with a trip to the mexican restaurant tequeria la chivas and watched the soccer game with gerard, watched thor in 3d AND fast five which happened to be in brasil.

Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

 i will say it was fun watching a movie where you lived and you whispering to me each of the locations and me remembering the pictures you showed me. we then went to whole foods to split our sandwich as usual and walked on home. and for the first time in my life i brought home my work and you watched you tube (for work purposes).

baby i love learning from you. i love dating you. i am grateful for you everyday even when i become a brat and don't act like i do. you are a wonderful man, a wonderful friend, and a wondeful husband. thank you for all the hard work you put into our relationship. i am truely blessed.

te amo my love.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

six months (bottle message twenty five)

dear my beloved one,

six months ago today you invited me out to latitude 360 to see bens band play.. and from there our story began. six months ago you kissed me in the first bar you played at on sixth street. i was telling you how i was ready for a husband and looking to settle down. and for some God reason you kissed me, even though you didnt want to be with someone like me, i guess i was interesting enough. you didnt want to loose you edge, baby you havent lost your edge one bit. you are still the fun crazy charming loving man i kissed six months ago. you have charmed your way into my heart and life forever.

Gavin (middle) visiting the tigers on trip to gulf shores, al.

i believe the angels were rejoicing and laughing at how much change was going to happen to us in the next six months. we were both taken by surprise and in awe of what God can do in the blink of an eye. how He can change a heart and a life to glorify Him and He truely does give us the desires of our hearts. i could not have asked for a better man to spend the rest of my life with.

te amo. my love.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

cinco de mayo! (bottle message twenty four)

dear my beloved one,

happy cinco de mayo! fun fact: fifteen years ago i was baptised in plano, tx. and how much time has flown by. last year i was in college station and watching my now best friend at a local restuarent. fast forward to now: i am now married to you, a wonderful man whom i am so proud of, and i'm having a blast with my two close friends.

we enjoyed a delicious margarita (pictured above) at polvos, that place you went and messaged me this picture when we were only talking in picture form:

i know that you are drained, as am i. i was thinking this morning about my role as your wife and what i can do to be a proverbs 31 wife. i am to uplift you, respect you, comfort you, forgive you, be kind towards you, pray daily for you, and unconditionally love you.

right now you are away in alabama for a few days. longest we've been apart sinced we've known each other. it'll be a good time to recharge the batteries, remember why we fell in love, and get a little steam off. i know you'll have a great time because you are a great guy to be around and everyone will love you. and you already know i miss you a ton, but i know you need your space and time to heal. so with that said, i will pray for you to be filled with the love and kindness and spirit of the Lord. i pray for your safety, for your health, and for your heart and mind.

te amo my love.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

learning again (bottle message twenty three)

dear my beloved one,

today was a sweaty sweaty day. i'm talking sweaty yoga has taken a whole new flight. you haven't yet enjoyed a yoga session yet, but i'm sure you will soon. instead you have taken up golf in order to beat my father one of these days. although he's got a few more years of experience on you, i have no doubt you will succeed (don't tell him i said that).

i completed today by having a breakthrough moment at yoga which i will tell you more about later, dying sarah's hair black, and eating a wonderful itailian meal cooked by you.

overall a good day my love. te amo.

Monday, May 2, 2011

the owls (treasure chest seven)

dear my beloved one,

i found the owl picture i made you. you said it gives you chills everytime you look at it because it sums up the majority of our conversations. enjoy :)

fun in the heat (bottle message twenty two)

dear my beloved one,

today is a very cold day even though its may. we have learned to embrace the randomness of texas weather, even though we both know next year come tree pollen season, we will be far far away from austin. you have far surpassed my imagination with you love and patience. in fact it shocks me still today. you have a gift of unconditional love and i am trying my best to be better for you.

this past weekend was full of fun. it started on thursday with me going out and trying on dresses with the girls (don't mind my facial expressions). your brother came into town from brasil on friday. we saw awolnation at la zona rosa and danced the night away.

saturday we had a brasillian cookout with some close family friends. sunday was hot and busy with last minute errands, taking tigo to the airport, and driving to san antonio to celebrate sam and haven's marriage. in the car ride you played guitar and we sang 'i will be here' by steven curtis chapman because we didnt know if we had to sing at the reception. we didnt end up singing, but it was fun learning a song with you.

my love i don't know how to express how much i love you and am so grateful for you and your kindness and care. you have shown my love far beyond any human. i cannot wait to celebrate more milestones with you