how it all began

i am constantly writing in journals, notebooks, random scraps of paper from the office. and last night it hit me (when i came across a very meaningful poem)- i just need to blog. 
so here it is, my virtual journey book. a place where i can come and write down all my thoughts to my future husband in a series of "bottle messages". and you are all welcome to watch God's plan unfold.

the poem is (not-ironically) titled: The Man In The Sea.

"I don’t know if it’s the hatred you harbor 
That makes this love float on out to sea.
But I know of a Man who was bruised and slaughtered,
And He came to rescue me.

The island we circled around and around,
Just trying to find a place to stand.
I know you’ve been looking across the bow,
Looking for another distance land.
As you pull the ship out onto sea,
I pray for you to come back to me.
As you lift you eyes towards the heavens,
I burry my head into the sand;
This love we thought was so perfect,
But we never made it to dry land.
As you turn your head back to the shore,
You see me standing there,
Patiently waiting;
Instead you just push on through the storm.
As waves crash over you,
My heart sinks to the depths of the ocean’s floor;
As you take your last breath,
Saying I shouldn’t have loved you,
Your own haunting words consume you.

Here’s the catch -- 
You were heaven sent.
I will always love you.
Because I know of a love that is pure and true.
Thank you for letting me see
You could never rescue me.
Your death has set me free,
Giving me a reason to start running
Back to the Man who knows my true heart.

I will wait for you as you have waited for me.
You’ll have my heart,
You are the key,

I have fallen in love with the man from the sea."