Friday, April 22, 2011

noah's ark (bottle message twenty)

dear my beloved one,

the past few days have been rough, but that's not to say alot of learning has taken place, mainly on my end. so to start i want to say how grateful i am to the Lord for bringing such a wonderful man into my life. to teach me and granted so much patience.

last night before i fell asleep, you told me the story of the three sons of noah, noah's ark, and the descendants that came forth. i learned many new things about the Bible and God. i loved hearing you talk about God and how He told noah exactly how to build the ark, down to the last window. i love how you only read the Bible in the king james version, and you think every other version is much harder to understand. i asked you on the way out to brenham if we could start nightly or semi-nightly bible story times, and you got excited about sharing some stories in the Bible i never would have known. i cannot wait to learn from you.

btw this is what bluebonnets look like :)

today we spent a wonderful day out in the bluebonnet-less bluebonnet country of brenham texas. home to blue bell ice cream. today we discovered we love the newest flavor, homemade in the shade, and your obsession with insane hats/antique shops. i loved watching you interact with my family, watching them laugh and listen to you. 

and tonight, i lay awake praying for you. for our marriage to be three part, with God as the center. that He may bring peace and love and forgiveness to our hearts. and that you will always know i love you and care for you deeply. 

te amo my love. 

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