Thursday, April 21, 2011

my how time flies (bottle message nineteen)

dear my beloved one,

time has flown this past month. a very successful sxsw, although there is always more work to be done. immediately following sxsw you developed a horrible allergy to tree pollen. the whole sickness and in health vow really came in handy. you stayed at my place because you couldn't breathe at yours (partially due to the australians) and you fell in love with her charm. you 'fixed' the door knob in the bathroom, tidied up the room, worked hard at the computer, and took a ton of medication.

i loved coming home to you,
being able to sit on the front porch and eat a home cooked meal,
falling asleep in a comfy bed in your arms,
trying all sorts of vitamin/medication mixes to allow you to breathe,
taking marriage walks with you to the grocery mart,
watching you sleep peacefully as i leave for work.
its the little things in life that i love about you.

alas we have moved back into limbo stage,
some nights at your place, some nights at mine,
but overall i dont care where we are,
as long as i fall asleep in your arms,
and wake up next to your smiling face.

last night you told me you saw the most beautiful thing. when i asked what it was, you said, "leaves".

my love i cannot express how lucky i am to have you. to learn from you, listen to you, be with you. you leave a permentant smile on my heart.

te amo my love.

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