Saturday, May 7, 2011

cinco de mayo! (bottle message twenty four)

dear my beloved one,

happy cinco de mayo! fun fact: fifteen years ago i was baptised in plano, tx. and how much time has flown by. last year i was in college station and watching my now best friend at a local restuarent. fast forward to now: i am now married to you, a wonderful man whom i am so proud of, and i'm having a blast with my two close friends.

we enjoyed a delicious margarita (pictured above) at polvos, that place you went and messaged me this picture when we were only talking in picture form:

i know that you are drained, as am i. i was thinking this morning about my role as your wife and what i can do to be a proverbs 31 wife. i am to uplift you, respect you, comfort you, forgive you, be kind towards you, pray daily for you, and unconditionally love you.

right now you are away in alabama for a few days. longest we've been apart sinced we've known each other. it'll be a good time to recharge the batteries, remember why we fell in love, and get a little steam off. i know you'll have a great time because you are a great guy to be around and everyone will love you. and you already know i miss you a ton, but i know you need your space and time to heal. so with that said, i will pray for you to be filled with the love and kindness and spirit of the Lord. i pray for your safety, for your health, and for your heart and mind.

te amo my love.

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