Friday, November 26, 2010

traditional thanksgiving day throwdown (bottle message six)

dear my beloved one,

not only has this week been a series of bipolar events (the weather here in austin is drastic), this thanksgiving "vacation" concludes the most miles driven by audrey and me to date. but the events that did unfold within the past thirty-six hours were well worth my lack of sleep and audreys too.

first order of events: getting a new bible!!! i have been meaning to get a new study bible, mainly because mine broke (the binding) and i kinda wanted to invest in a really good study bible. and guess how the Lord provided? well i was sitting in my gma's kitchen, going over spiritual gifts (we'll talk about that later) and she just asked me if i was needing a bible. and by gollie i did!

i am very thankful for the provisions of my Father, even ones just as small as giving me a bible.

now let's talk about the traditional thanksgiving day throwdown a.k.a. the aggie vs. longhorn game. i for one am extremely torn between the tow teams. on the one hand, i have always been a longhorn fan. on the other hand, i am an aggie. so for the sake of the texas throwdown, i am an aggie (for all intensive purposes) but my heart does have a little soft spot for the longhorns too. since i live in austin and the game on thursday was in austin, that meant aggie midnight yell practice was in austin.

this was my first midnight yell ever and it was awesome! a little sticky (bipolar weather) but the aggie spirit was present and ready to beat out the longhorns!

the first order of business on thanksgiving day was a nap :) followed by a plate full of wonderfully cooked yumminess by my gma

this was the first of two thanksgiving dinners the burns family had on thanksgiving, so indulging in all the gravy and stuffing was not an option. i digress, and alas we get to the real reason for this post. you ready?

B.T.H.O. T.U.!!!!


my beloved, there are a few things i will have bragging rights to. and when the aggies beat the longhorns, wherever we are in life, i will always brag about the aggies. this is another fair warning into the cult-like aggie traditions you will learn to love about me. as for how much of an aggie i actually am, well that percentage is yet to be determined.

overall, this thanksgiving was a tremendous blessing, filled with new memories and a time honored battle that ended well in my favor. for the next year the aggies have bragging rights and order is restored to the hearts of aggies everywhere. side note: i recorded the aggie band perform halftime and i thought i'd leave it here for you to watch in your spare time :)

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