Friday, November 12, 2010

singin' in the rain (bottle message four)

dear my beloved one,

it's pterry friday!!! which means emily and i go to pterry's! whoop :) it's also a sort of dreary day today at work. looking outside a window all day is somewhat nice, but not on a friday after a thursday you've had off. but sarah is playing some jams to keep our spirits up.

yesterday was quite a day! i biked to the gym. i now have a personal trainer. and i biked to urban outfitters. you should know never to let me enter urban outfitters. its a monetary disaster. we could go broke. so i'm warning you way in advance. because i buy way to many things that are on sale. but i'm sure you'll love me for my sense of "trying" to save money.

here are a few things to look forward to:
1. awesome house accessories (note the owl)
2. a more savvy grown up wife
3. and more posts about how my personal trainer is going to kick my butt into shape.

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