Monday, November 8, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like christmas (treasure chest one)

dear my beloved one,

my hands are covered in glitter, as is my floor. and my room smells like christmas! you will one day know that christmas time is my favorite time of the year! not because of presents, but because of the cold weather, wintery clothes (which i have alot of), and the general cheer that surrounds everyone this time of year.

my roommate (katie) has kindly reminded me that it indeed has not yet been thanksgiving, thus i cannot put the christmas wreath i have made on the front door. see today i went to buy fabric and come out of the store with a wreath and all the trimmings instead! thus this message is entitled treasure chest because i surely could never fit a wreath into a bottle.

above is a nice before and after picture for you to see my very first homemade wreath. this is just one of many crafty things i hope to become good at. because, as you will one day know, my dream is to be a wife and a home maker. enjoy!

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