Thursday, November 11, 2010

cry baby (bottle message three)

dear my beloved one,

good morning! today is my day off due to the fact it's veteran's day and i am very grateful to my grandfather and relatives and all of those who have and who do serve in the armed forces. 
on another topic, i am a cry baby. especially at missional community. last night i explained a little bit the story behind this blog and the "gift" i recently got for you. needless to say, i was a cry baby. i didn't plan on it. i really didn't even think i would ever be that emotional. but the girls in my missional community (i really hope you get to meet them. they are amazing!) are so sweet and genuine it's hard not to be vulnerable especially when the Lord is moving in that place. 
so with this said, i am working to complete my story about the gift i am giving you. and also trying to tell my story so i can be a light and a warrior for the Lord and His purpose in my life and in the lives of others. 

i'm going to leave you with the link that emily sent us yesterday at lunch, which made me cry in the middle of work and really feel convicted about being serious about my application to the world race. 

what really moved me the most about this story was the girl telling it. how she feels as though she let down this little girl who had a hole in her throat. i feel that way alot. that i might just not be enough. or believe in God enough to do things in my own life or in the lives of others. but the Lord is enough. and time and time again i need to be reminded of His grace and love and power. His mighty power that can move mountains and heal the sick, that power lives inside of us, inside of me. the Holy Spirit resides in us not to be our convictions but it is the reason why we as sons and daughters of Christ can move mountains, we can heal the sick, we can feed and clothe the homeless. we may not be able to save sinners, but we are the seed. and we can water the unbelievers, give them tools to grow in the love we hold so dear to our own hearts. 

so, beloved one, i pray for you as the head of our house, to lead not with fear of what we can not do, but in the strength the Lord our Father has given us through the Holy Spirit.

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