Friday, February 4, 2011

snow signs (bottle message fourteen)

dear my beloved one,

for the past few days i've watched you eat (i know strange) and noticed how meticulous you are with eat bite. how you calculate your bites to match up perfectly, thus cleaning your plate to the last morsel. i made you mac and cheese and you gobbled it up (carefully). you completed yet another interview for some radio station while i cooked away a good meal complete with asparagus and wine. your face lite up when you tasted the delicious meal. i was quite pleased.

i know the key to your heart is through food.

on a really really good note: YOU SAW, TOUCHED, TASTED, and PLAYED in SNNOOOWWW!!! for the very first time you were surrounded by good ole texas snow. and i was very excited to witness this. this has been an ongoing dilemma since you thought texas had snow every year for christmas. well this is not the case, and every time there was a possibility of snow, you'd say you'd marry me.

well by golly it snowed! and you said it's a sign. which makes me very happy. i'm glad to be yours. forever. i cannot wait to marry you. so i thank God for sending austin, tx snow. even if it was extremely hard on the rest of the country and black ice is causing a zillion wrecks on texas roads, God gave you a sign. and i'm going to run for the hills with it. literally. i'm planning a wedding in the hills.

i'll post up some videos i got of you playing in the snow. quite a trip haha. and you're lack of knowledge of how to make a snow angel was extremely cute.

te amo my love.

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