Monday, February 14, 2011

reasons why i love you (treasure chest three)

dear my beloved one,

on this special day, i want to tell you reasons why i love you. reasons why i am honored to be called yours.

- i love the way you look at me -
- i love the way you laugh -
- i love how you tell me 'i love you' every morning -
- i love how you teach my portuguese words -
- i love the way you love food -
- i love the way you smile when i kiss your cheek-
i love your kind eyes -
- i love the way you hold me just before we fall asleep -
- i love the way you light up a room -
- i love to hear you sing -
- i love it when you call me baby girl-
- i love the way you interact with my family -
- i love watching you play soccer -
- i love talking with you -
- i love you -

my dear you mean the world to me. more than you will ever know. more than i could ever show you. you have brought so much joy into my life. i am so glad to have met you. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. to have a grand adventure with you. i love you now and i always will.

te amo my love,


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