Tuesday, February 8, 2011

down with fb (bottle message fifteen)

dear my beloved one,

today i am getting rid of facebook. shock! i know but still i decided after we had a tiny disagreement this morning that i can still breath and my life will still go on (as everyone elses) if i do not have a facebook. so with little thought as to who i will lose, i am gaining myself, my sanity, and you. so in my eyes, down with fb and on with life.

if people have to go to a page to research my life, i'd much rather them not find me. i'd rather have someone find me and talk to me, face to face. i always talk about how this generation as lost touch with physical interaction and social skills and yet i can't stay off fb for a mere couple of hours? seems a bit hypocritical of me. i digress, and have made my deicision to stay clear of fb. there are plenty of other means of communication between humans. and i will still be a human, even if i don't have a fb profile. a fb profile does not equate to my exsitance on this earth or in this lifetime.

i was created for great things, not to be controlled by an invention of mankind. so goodbye fb, so long statuds updates, and relationship questions. hello to fresh air, coffee dates, and phone calls. here's to more interaction with humans and books, instead of my computer.

thank you for teaching me a simple value in this life.

te amo my love.

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