Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my michael jordan year (bottle message twelve)

dear my beloved one,

i am now in my michael jordan year. twenty three years of age as of yesterday. the past year of my life has been a crazy good one. i learned alot about myself in twenty ten, and in the first few weeks of this year as well.

you took me to my favorite birthday restaurant, pappadeaux, where we split an amazing meal that ended up being both lunch and dinner. i love your passion for food especially cheesecake. you are quite a delight and i am very glad to have you in my life.

you took me to the movies and we saw the fighter. i love that you are willing to see a chick flick but i'm sure you were relieved when we didnt go see one. i love being with you. i hope you know that.

i was sick all day and you held me as i coughed and made sure i slept and didnt have to be alone on my birthday. it was the first one without my family. so i was glad you were there to represent them. i know they love you and appreciate all you do for me.

you are horrible with gifts. not in a bad way. just in the way of timing. which you don't live on a timed schedule so i don't mind. but you did get me a dog and flowers and a lovely hand written note. now i can hold sebastian allan when you're not there and be reminded even more so that you love me.

so here's to my michael jordan year. may it be one to remember with us at each others side. my this year be full of love, learning, growth, passion, and transforming. i am very glad to have you in my life. and i cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

te amo my love

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