Monday, January 3, 2011

bittersweet (bottle message ten)

dear my beloved one,

today was the first day of the work year two thousand and eleven. and believe me it was bittersweet. sarah has accommodated some nice pain killers due to her breaking her foot and with surgery a week away, she gets to laugh at everything, making my job even more enjoyable. 

but to be honest, i feel betrayed tonight by two people i would say were/are very close to me. it seems as if one old friend wishes to not be my friend, and the other well she's new and actually has the same pattern as to why we met in the first place. but i digress as i am in no position to judge or dislike anyone for their actions. we are called to love. simply. as God loves us. 

so with that said, i have found another beautiful quote in my journal from max lucado:

"Don't we all long for a father... who cares for us in spite of our failures? we do have that type of father. a father who is at His best when we are at our worst.. whose grace is strongest when out devotion is weakest."

our Father is a gracious One. with more power to control than anything we can ever imagine. and i think He's got alot of reasons to be angry with sin, but He has grace enough to love us regardless of our past, present, and future. i will strive every moment to be just a sliver of  that kind of love. i hope you have some grace too my beloved one. because we can not just take the good in life without accepting the bad too

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